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Mosquito Destroyer

Utilizing the optimum resources and latest technology, we have come up with a unique range of mosquito swatters/mosquito bats/mosquito rackets under the name of Hunter. Our range featuring high performance and safe operation is consistently supplied round the year, especially in the rainy and summer seasons when there is threat of malaria, dengue fever and many more diseases caused due to mosquito bites. Our product range comprises of the following:

Mosquito Swatters
Utilizing the latest technology and top grade quality raw material, we are able to manufacture and supply a unique range of mosquito swatters that efficiently kills the disease inflicting mosquitoes. The range is available in different models. Following are the varieties:

Rechargeable Mosquito Swatter

Non Rechargeable Mosquito Swatter Bats

Mosquito Killer
Our Mosquito Killer is the best one in the market for high efficiency and unique design. It uses biotechnology, air-current and optics technical to rid areas of flying insects.

  • If sleep before 2 hrs plug  on the Hunter Mosquito Killer Machine  in room.
  • All the lamps in the room should be switched off
  • Close windows and doors and the room should be emptied
  • No outside light should enter the room
  • The device should be placed in a darkened corner
  • The unit should be placed on an object that is about 50-100cm from the ground
  • Main technical input : 220V-240V 50Hz
  • Plug the device in the AC mains supply
  • Don’t kept the machine under the air(fan)circulation.
  • The electric field will attract them and kill instantly with sound
  • The device incorporates UV light source that attracts the mosquitoes
  • The built-in fan sucks them in and deposits the dead mosquitoes in a holding tray at the bottom of the device
  • Every Morning open  the bottom device , remove the dead mosquitoes and should clean.
  • The safest and easy way to fight the mosquito menace

Hunter Mosquito Killer

Hunter Killer User Manual

Mosquito Killer Demo

We offer a wide selection of Capacitors comprising of electrolytic start, AC motor run, aluminium can wire type and PPR can wire terminal capacitors. The wide array allows the clients to choose the capacitors according to their specific requirement or usage. Saves electricity and reduces the line loss, our range of capacitors finds wide application and therefore are consistently high in demand.

Terminal Capacitors

Aluminium Can Capacitors

Electrolytic Capacitors

Motor Starting Capacitors

Tup Tup Mosquito Swatter Bat
Manufacturer & Supplier of Tup Tup Mosquito Swatter Bat & Mosquito Swatter Bat. Our product range also comprises of Mosquito Swatters, Mosquito Killer and Capacitors.

Mosquito Swatter Bat